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about Us

About Us

VANTEVO CLAIMS ADVISORS is an independent international consultancy that is aimed at offering a service of the highest quality to Insureds and Brokers.

VANTEVO is made up of a team of engineers and economists specialized in insurance and risks.

The team is led by Roberto Revenga, CEO of VANTEVO, with 40 years of experience in adjusting major claims.


Because we are independent, we have an in-depth knowledge of the insurance sector, we have extensive experience, we are made up of a first-rate team and we provide international coverage.

Also because Insurers and Reinsurers know and recognize our professionalism and the quality of our services.

A well prepared, presented and defended claim can have a significant impact on the final outcome of a loss. The ability to obtain cash advances in the early stages of a loss will certainly minimize the overall disruption of your business.

Settling a major claim can be lengthy and time consuming while substantial information and documentation is required. Numerous coverage issues emerge during the adjustment of the claim quantum while ambiguous policy interpretations may lead to the denial of a claim. This is commonly supported by very experienced insurance professional adjusters, accountants and attorneys engaged by Insurers.

VANTEVO provides parity with Insurers and their Experts. A proper representation by highly qualified Claims Advisors with international experience in the process and requirements of Insurance and Reinsurance markets is key to a successfully maximized recovery within the terms of the policy.

VANTEVO’s Approach

"VANTEVO is ready to provide a high quality advisory service
to protect the interests of the Insured"

From our vast experience in the loss adjusting field all over the globe we know exactly how your Insurers think and operate. We anticipate their approach while we know what information they will need to resolve a claim.

VANTEVO adopts a high-level professional cooperative approach to Insurers and their Experts. VANTEVO will, nevertheless, contest any inappropriate or useless practices whenever necessary.

VANTEVO is ready to give you the best advice and protect your interests while we will optimize the settlement.

  • Simplifying the claim process leaving clients focused on business activities.
  • Minimizing overall disruption by obtaining advance payments in the early stages of the loss.
  • Properly managing expectations of all stakeholders from the very outset of the claim.
  • Preparing and submitting the claim in a format that is familiar to Insurers.
  • Screening information before sending to Insurers preventing inaccurate or incorrect documents to be distributed and prejudice credibility / settlement.
  • Working on a daily basis directly with Experts assuring an efficient flow of communication.
  • Participating in meetings to explain and defend the basis behind loss calculations.