The brazilian version of the book “Sinistros de Property: Danos Materiais e Lucros Cessantes” is making people talk in the insurance sector and brokerage. Just launched by “Enter Books” publishing house, the adaptation of the book witten by Mr. Roberto Revenga (Vantevo Claims CEO) was done with the experientes loss adjusters (Mr. Clodoaldo Azevedo, Antonio Delbianco and Lari Dias) and the preface was in charge of Mr. Rodrigo Avila – MDS Brazil Corporative Risks Comercial Director and Risk Manager of great experience (former worker in Suzano Papel e Celulose).

The publication arrives in brazilian land in order to supply the gaps of literature of this sector. “It’s a simple and dynamic Reading about all the loss adjustment process”, defines Rodrigo.

Check below the the whole preface !

The contemporary reality indicates we are surrounded of risks and sudden happenings which may change completely the destination of people, companies or even all the global gear which moves the world ahead.

When we focus in the contexto which involves the industrial organizations, we can find events related to the more variated origins and magnitudes: fires, explosions, frauds, cybernetic attacks or even great nature disaster, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, among others. When they haapen, the caused damaged may paralise completely the company operation and to impact its current and future finantial health, beyond to cause loss to its image and reputation.

In this context, we, Risks Managers, taking into account the geographic policial and economic scenario which the company is inserted, we own the responsibility of identify what are the potential risks which may impact the continuity of the businness. It’s also fundamental to know to use properly one of the main tools of assets protection of a company, which is the risks transference through insurance policies.

The admirable friend and author Roberto Revenda, who has wide living in the global insurance Market, describes of much didatic way all the phases which envolve the draw of a operational risk policy, since the patrimonial inspection until the definition of coverages and deductibles. Moreover, the reader also will find in front a series of analysis and exampls of the complex loss adjustment of accident claim.

Definively this book is a practic guide in operacional risks which will foment importante reflexions of how these flows and experiences may impact positively the governance and the companies risks management.


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