In fire disasters, some assets are destroyed and must be replaced. Others, on the other hand, only suffer partial damages that can be recovered.

It also usually happens, in major fires, that the fire directly affects a part of the risk, and other parts are damaged by smoke, heat, water thrown by the Fire Brigade…

In this case, it is profitable to involve companies specialized in decontamination and recovery of both mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment. Fortunately, these companies, some of them are international, must intervene as soon as possible as the corrosion and oxidation processes advance day by day.

Also, in cases where consequential losses are significant due to the stoppage of key machines and facilities in the production process and which have replacement periods of several months, their intervention can be very profitable. On some occasions it is possible to temporarily recover damaged machines, which work for a few months until the new ones arrive, thus minimizing consequential losses.