Increasingly in claims, Insured by indication, most of the time, of their Brokers hire an Adjuster to help them prepare and defend their claim against Insurers. This has obvious advantages since, on the one hand, it can help the Insured to take measures to minimize his consequential losses. It frees the Insured from the work of preparing the claim, so that they can fundamentally dedicate themselves to recovering the productive normality of their risk and contacting suppliers and customers. Likewise, as the expert is an insurance professional, he knows how to prepare a well-documented claim so that it is adjusted and verifiable and this makes the expert process more agile and allows reaching a fast and fair agreement on the corresponding compensation based on the policy.

A profesional and independent adjuster like VANTEVO helps to “solve the claim” and speed up its closing based on collaborating with the broker and the Insurers, since a claim that is well managed and closed quickly is positive for all parties involved in it.