The fundamental mission of a Risk Manager is to protect the assets and the income statement of your company and ensure the safety of its workers while they work. To do this, with the help of his Insurance Broker and his Insurer, he must implement emergency and contingency plans appropriate to the risk and negotiate coverage, limits and deductibles of the policies he wishes to contract.

In the case of a major claim, in addition to having the help of your Insurance Broker, you should appoint an Adjuster to help you prepare and defend the claim to present to the Insurers for the damages and losses generated by the claim, especially when its cost can be fully or partially assumed by the Insurer through the clause of “Insured’s expert’s fees” that is becoming more and more frequent in policies, especially in those that cover large risks.

It is important that the preparation of the claim and its defense is carried out by a team such as VANTEVO, which has professional engineers and economists who are experts in negotiations to agree on agile and fair indemnities based on the policy.