In Machinery Breakdown claims, we understand that it is essential that a metallurgical or electrical laboratory intervene, depending on the origin of the claim, in the study of its causes.

Only through a metallurgical analysis will it be possible to verify whether the process of breaking a blade or a metallic piece has been slow and gradual or sudden and unforeseen, as well as accidental. In the first case the claim would not be covered and in the second case it would be.

Fortunately, in many countries there are prestigious private and public laboratories and those belonging to engineering schools.

At VANTEVO, we usually use the laboratories and research centers of the Schools of Superior Engineers, since in case of conflict the judges usually give positive weight to the reports signed by Professors and endorsed by an official center as they suppose knowledge and independence to them. . The reality is that it is not usually a conflictive issue, since the reports are usually clear and conclusive. In relation to the cause of the failure, the only thing that the parties have to agree on is in the choice of the laboratory that will make the report on the cause of the failure.