The above does not occur often, but it does sometimes.  Indeed, we have been involved in claims in which whilst the damaged machine was being transported to a workshop to be repaired, the lorry carrying it had an accident and overturned, thereby an increase of the loss being brought about in such cases.

On other occasions, due to an error on the part of a subcontractor who had been engaged in the repair of the damage, when it came to testing the machine, it failed and the repair and recommissioning of the same was delayed by several weeks.

In cases like these we have come across some Insurers who regard these incidents as being part of the same claim, since they understand that they occurred during the process of repairing the damage caused by the first loss event.  Whilst respecting this interpretation, the indemnity is paid by the Insurers and it is they who decide how the loss is to be adjusted.  It is the opinion of VANTEVO CLAIMS ADVISORS, that in both cases these are different loss events, since they occur at different times, on account of different causes and brought about by different persons.

In the case of the accident during the transportation, there will be somebody responsible for the same whose Insurer must be liable for the damage caused to the lorry’s cargo.  Therefore it is essential whenever a machine is to be transported so as to be repaired at an external workshop, that insurance is contracted that covers this carriage, since normally the covers of the carriers is inadequate.

In the other case, we have here an error on the part of an external subcontractor who must have a Professional Liability Policy, which should be liable for the loss and damage caused by the poor performance of the company subcontracted for the repair of the damaged machine or installation.

Unfortunately,  cases such as the above are not usually considered in the General Conditions and Schedules of the Policies, when it stands to reason that the Policies ought to specify whether they should be regarded as being new claims, as we at  VANTEVO CLAIMS ADVISORS believe, or as incidents of one and the same loss event.

Common sense tells us that the experts ought to consult the Insurers as to the what approach to take in these types of cases, since what tends to happen is that all the loss and damage is covered under the Policy whilst at the same time they try to recover the increased loss and damage from the third parties that were responsible for the same.