We have explained on more than one occasion how, in the Insurance world, the occurrence of a loss event is the moment of truth.

Policies are contracted in order to cover the assets and the liabilities of individuals and companies in the event of an accident occurring that brings about Material Damage and/or Consequential Losses.

In most cases, the covers under the Policy are clear, it is easy to ascertain the cause of the loss and also to agree the amounts of the indemnities that are payable on the basis of the Policy.  The Insurance Broker assists the Insured to recover the amount of the loss and damage sustained that is covered by the Policy.

However, there are loss events which given their size and complexity require both the Insured as well as their Insurance Broker to seek the support of a Loss Assessor to help them in that emergency situation that gave rise to the occurrence of a major claim.

On these occasions, particularly in the case of companies, it is in our opinion very useful if the Insured can count upon having some professionals by their side to help them:

  1. To minimise the Consequential Losses and take the correct measures to normalise the production of the risk.
  2. To prepare, document and defend the claim to be presented to their Insurance Company.

The intervention in these claims of a Loss Assessor acting on the part of the Insured who defends their interests and helps them recover the amount of the loss and damage sustained is of fundamental importance.

Likewise he can help them to obtain “payments on account” from the Insurance Company to cover the disbursements required in order to pay for the repair of the damage caused by the loss event.

It has been proven that the correct and professional intervention of a Loss Assessor speeds up the finalisation of the claims with the advantages that this can bring for both the Insured as well as the Insurer.

It has also been demonstrated that the presentation of a well-documented and verifiable claim facilitates the work of the Loss Adjuster acting for the Insurer and the reaching of an amicable agreement to close the claim.

This is the philosophy of Vantevo, independent consultants at the service of Insureds and their Brokers:  to assist the Insurer’s adjusters to close claims as soon as possible in a professional and amicable manner, in order to there by demonstrate the importance of Insurance for the company and that Policies do indeed perform their purpose, namely to protect the assets of the Insured, especially in the event of major claims that might jeopardise the continuity of the affected business.

Moreover, today with the “Preparation claims fees clause”, this consultancy service can be provided at no additional cost for the Insured, since it is the Insurance Companies who pay for this service.