If the Insured does not have the economic capacity to repair the material damage, either due to not having a damage policy or because it is clearly insufficient due to a serious alleged underinsurance, the period of repair of the damage can be delayed for months and months and then all the consequential loss policies would exhaust your maximum indemnity period.

This would occur both in the case of English policies (Business Interruption) and the same with American policies (Gross Earnings), since it would be impossible to normalize the production of the risk affected by the claim due to lack of economic resources of the Insured.

It is even advisable that the insurer for material damage and consequential losses is the same, so that there is no interference in the adjustments of damages and losses and that work is done in order to give priority to the resumption of productive activity as soon as possible, to minimize the consequential losses that in industrial claims are usually more important than material damages.