The Adjuster appointed by the Insurer is the image of itself at the time of the claim, which is “the moment of truth” in the insurance world. This must collaborate with the Insured’s Adjuster (VANTEVO) to normalize the productive risk situation as soon as possible and minimize the consequential losses caused by the claim, for which it must recommend that the Insurance company make “payments on account” to the Insured to face to the measures taken.

You must be proactive at all times and try to collaborate with the Insured and his Adjuster, the Insurance Broker and the Insurer in “resolving” the claim with agility, professionalism and common sense according to the conditions of the contracted Policy.

VANTEVO will be happy to prepare and document the claim properly and collaborate with our colleagues in closing claims with agility, ethics and professionalism, thus demonstrating that the policy has worked correctly and the Insured has received the corresponding indemnity according to it.